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Do you like reading books before they come out and for FREE?

You probably know how important reviews are in deciding what to read. I often read them myself before making a purchase! Early reviews are even more important for visibility and to play the Amazon marketing machine’s game. That’s where advance readers come in.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You get a free copy of whichever book I’ve just finished.
  2. Read it and love it. (I hope!)
  3. When it’s launched, post a quick and honest review on Amazon.
  4. If you happen to catch an error or plot hole or have a helpful comment or idea, please let me know!

I use BookFunnel to send out the ARC copies, so you will need to be comfortable using that system. (It’s usually pretty easy.)


If you’d like to join my limited team
of advance readers, sign up here!