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When Gar’s secret past is discovered, Thea must fight to keep her beloved pet.

Gar, a black Newfoundland puppy, mysteriously showed up at Cedar Fish Campground and became the perfect companion to heal Thea’s grief-stricken, dog-loving heart. With such a serendipitous beginning, Thea never questioned the life Gar had before he found her. But one newspaper article could change everything.

Thea discovers a secret about Gar that could mean she loses him forever. With help from her ex-cop security guard, Nolan, and her quirky sidekick, Hennie, Thea must draw on her past to win the right to keep Gar before she loses another treasured pet.

FISHY BEGINNINGS is a short story that takes place after the events of Between a Rock and a Deadly Place, book one in the Cedar Fish Campground Series. If you love dogs or have ever lost a pet, you’ll love this tale of hilarious animal antics and moments that will both break and warm your pet-loving heart.