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This box set/omnibus includes the first three books in the Cedar Fish Campground cozy mystery series. For lovers of the outdoors and clean mysteries with a side of romance.

  1. Between a Rock and a Deadly Place

Cedar Fish Campground was supposed to be a peaceful refuge, not grounds for murder.

Thea Pagoni is desperate to flee her stress-filled city life for the quiet of the woods after a painful divorce. When her grandmother passes away and leaves her the family campground, it seems like the perfect opportunity to find peace. But not everything is crickets and campfires.

The handyman she was promised is less than handy, the campground has fallen into severe disrepair, and with a dwindling reservation list, there’s no money to make improvements. Things are looking grim, and then a dead hiker makes everything worse. Can Thea find the killer before Cedar Fish Campground is forced to close forever and she loses everything… again?

  1. Breath of Fatal Air

The Regional Cornhole Semi-Finals are all fun and games… until the head official is ruled dead.

Thea Pagoni has her hands full trying to please the very particular Hugo Menendez, head official of the Regional Cornhole Semi-Finals. After the bad press from a recent murder at the campground, Thea is counting on this event to turn things around. When security guard/handyman Nolan finds Hugo dead—then finds himself named the prime suspect—Thea doesn’t know what to believe. The campground cat falls ill, and Thea turns to her loyal friend, Hennie, to help her sort out the truth and make a tough decision about an employee.

With a campground full of potential suspects, witnesses, and evidence, Thea scrambles to find something that will clear Nolan and bring justice for Hugo. She must decipher the murderer’s clues, while still managing the event and all of its participants, before Nolan is arrested and the campground suffers more bad press and cancellations.

  1. One Body Short of a Picnic

Fourth of July should have been a blast at Cedar Fish Campground, but another murder has sent Thea’s plans up in smoke.

Thea Pagoni is ready to move on from a difficult start to the summer with a huge bash planned for the Fourth of July. But a giant turtle gets in the way—literally—and the closer they get to the event, the grumpier Nolan acts. After Thea’s argument with a fireworks vendor leads to threats and tension, having Jerry Bishop, famous purse designer, stay at the campground seems like it could bring some good press… Until he’s found face-down and unresponsive in the goat pen.

Another unsolved mystery could ruin the event, and Thea isn’t convinced that Jerry’s fans and their memorial are good for business. With Nolan and Hennie to help sleuth, along with the rest of the crew at Cedar Fish, Thea sets out to find the latest killer before things blow up in her face.

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