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The Regional Cornhole Semi-Finals are all fun and games… until the head official is ruled dead.

Thea Pagoni has her hands full trying to please the very particular Hugo Menendez, head official of the Regional Cornhole Semi-Finals. After the bad press from a recent murder at the campground, Thea is counting on this event to turn things around. When security guard/handyman Nolan finds Hugo dead—then finds himself named the prime suspect—Thea doesn’t know what to believe. The campground cat falls ill, and Thea turns to her loyal friend, Hennie, to help her sort out the truth and make a tough decision about an employee.

With a campground full of potential suspects, witnesses, and evidence, Thea scrambles to find something that will clear Nolan and bring justice for Hugo. She must decipher the murderer’s clues, while still managing the event and all of its participants, before Nolan is arrested and the campground suffers more bad press and cancellations.

BREATH OF FATAL AIR is the second novella in Zoey Chase’s Cedar Fish Campground cozy mystery series. For lovers of the outdoors and clean mysteries with a side of romance.

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