I write because it’s what God made me to do, and it’s what I’ve always done. From my very first publication in the 5th grade (thank God for elementary school librarians!) to earning my MFA in my 30s, writing has been the predominant obsession of my life and the thing that keeps me sane. And yes, of course, this also means I’m a major book nerd. Last count, my home library contained more than 900 books. I read widely but am usually most drawn to things fantasy and sci-fi related.

I am the quintessential cat and coffee lover. On most days, both are by my side, warm and comforting. I am blessed to have an amazingly supportive and loving husband who also loves to read, works in the medical field, and is rather good at both saving lives (really) and helping me kill people (not really). We came together with one daughter each and blended our single-parent lives into one, then added a baby of our own. (Due in April 2020!) Our daughters love to help me name people and pets in my books, and we all love the outdoors. You can usually find us hiking or camping when we’re not at church, the karate studio, or watching baking shows. We all adore the beach. I’m also a runner, and I spend most Saturdays DIYing some project or part of our house.

I’ve published multiple short stories in multiple genres, including fantasy and sci-fi and a few non-fiction pieces in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I’m known as Denise Murphy in the real world, was previously known as Denise Drespling, and I currently write cozy mysteries under the name Zoey Chase.